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    SILVER SHARK Boat Covers

    The Silver Shark boat cover is a cover for any type of weather. The Silver Shark will withstand the harshest sun, heaviest rain and will even endure snow.

    This cover is made from a 300 denier polyester material and is both UV treated, to protect your paint from fading, and 100% waterproof. Material is also breathable to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This cover includes a heavy duty shock cord hem for a tight, snug fit and is also trailerable.

    The Silver Shark is waiting to help you tow your boat to the lake this summer.

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    TRITON Boat Covers

    The Triton boat cover is made from a tough and durable 600 denier polyester material. This material is UV treated and 100% waterproof for full sun and moisture protection. Cover is fully breathable to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

    The Triton displays superior durability in even the harshest weather conditions. This cover is so strong we offer a 4 year warranty.

    Cover is fully trailerable and includes tie down straps for extra security. This cover is designed to keep your boat looking new.

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    RIPSTOP Boat Covers

    Our Ripstop boat cover is made from a ripstop polyester fabric that will provide your boat with optimum protection from the elements. This cover is made from 3 heavy duty layers. The outer ripstop layer is waterproof with a UV resistant finish, so your boat will be protected rain or shine. The middle layer is made from a waterproof, yet breathable membrane, to prevent mold or mildew from growing. The inner most layer is nonabrasive and the microfiber fleece will help protect your boat from dings and scratches.

    This cover has a sewn in venting system that allows an ample amount of air to flow through the cover. This further helps with billowing and with prevent mold or mildew to form under the cover. A buckle and strap system is included so that you can keep your cover secure in windy condition.