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In the state of pest control in North Carolina ctrl pests, where the highest population density is found, pest control is as important as medical care. It is the people of Charlotte who keep the bed bug infestation under control each and every year. The city of Charlotte is synonymous with bugs, and with good reason. If you have a problem with pests, the best place to start is in your own home.

Pest Control Experts In North Carolina


Your bed bugs aren’t going anywhere until you take steps to combat them and keep them from spreading. Unfortunately, Charlotte has a huge number of pests and insects – too many to be dealt with by one, single pest control technician. Are you having some trouble with pesky pests in your own home? Call us today. We’ll come to your rescue and keep the bed bugs away in our expert pest control service.

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You should always be on the look out for signs of a bed bug infestation: fuzzy piles, wrinkles in the skin, bloated, red bumps, bites, scratching and smell. It’s really easy to mistake a bed bug problem for just another annoying problem that needs a quick fix. Unfortunately, if you do, you’ll be very wrong! Once you spot the telltale signs, call our pest control technicians in Charlotte and let us deal with your bed bug problem for you. You can have peace of mind – your family can go about their days undisturbed!

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