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SEO Mornington | Local Web Solutions offers effective and efficient website analysis and report which provides you with a critical SEO site analysis, accompanied with guidelines and examples of how one can yield better and desirable result through effective search engine optimization campaign.


The website analysis and report executed by SEO Company is highly efficient when the client is looking for a detailed analysis report, to recognize what is preventing their site positioning in the search engines. Our analysis also help the client to find the key words and key phrases that might be most effective in search engine campaigns resulting in higher rankings on the various search engines.

Such analysis not only gives an assessment of the current search engine effectiveness of a site while identifying what needs to be done to improve it. It also is used to track the performance of the website overtime. When your company has come up with a new design our SEO audit during the website analysis will indicate if your new design (or specifically, the code underneath) will cause any issues in the search engine rankings, and also gives you an account of whether you might be in need of a specialist who could fix this problem. A professional site analysis report will also indicate what’s working and what needs to be done to increase more traffic being driven to your website. Even if you have been doing SEO for your websites, such analysis will clearly indicate what more can be done. Our SEO experts will approach your website with a finer and newer approach and with a different knowledge set to identify newer and more efficient opportunities. Such reports will also keep you in pace with your competitors.

Our website SEO analysis and report will give an SEO strategy that will give your website the results as measured by relevant traffic. Our in house experts provide you with a SEO analysis report containing the search engine strategy for your website that consists of two important delivery components, strategic keywords and structural website ranking factors.

We provide a detailed website analysis and report that covers the following areas:

1.Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Key Phrase Rankings
  • Number of backward links along with link popularity

2.Current SEO Analysis

  • Title review
  • Arokia professional review
  • Content review
  • Current Stats Analysis (if statistics are provided)
  • Technical Assessment

3.Keyword Research

  • Analysis and suggestions for best key phrases to target

4.Usability Study

  • Navigation review
  • Design and layout recommendations
  • Page download times
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Shopping cart or checkout process review
  • Accessibility issues Review for errors, bad copy, broken links
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