Oklahoma Divorce Forms Uncontested

Divorce is often an emotional and challenging prospect to face. In an economic climate that has put an increased strain on the majority’s finances, finding closure to a non-functional marriage while maintaining a suitable lifestyle. Fortunately, for individuals able to work through the conflicts related to the end of a marriage, an uncontested divorce proceeding can save thousands of dollars in legal fees, offering an affordable and effective resolution to even the most complex of family issues.


Before you can file for an uncontested divorce, it is in your best interest to meet with us to go over the basic information to prepare the petition, including children’s names, dates of birth and asset and debt information. Our caring attention ensures that both parties actually wish to carry through with the divorce before filing a petition with the court. Law mandates a 60 day cooling off period before final papers can be signed, offering you the chance to fully examine your life, your goals and your family structure in the future.

Oklahoma Divorce Forms Uncontested – Initially filing for divorce gives the court notice of your intention to end your marriage. The process can only proceed after the 60 day waiting period, but can be a swift and efficient undertaking once the terms of the divorce have been agreed upon. During the 60 day wait, our lawyers will help you examine your assets and debt for division while also guiding both parties toward amicable child custody, support and visitation arrangements. These final decisions will be used to draft an uncontested divorce agreement, for use after the 60 day wait.

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