What New With Kids Parties In 2019

2019 Growing Trends In Teepee Parties

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The world of Party Plan is an exciting and fast-moving place. It’s a place where you can truly turn your dreams into reality if you have the right attitude, determination and are prepared to learn the skills. Teepee party hir is all the rage nowadays

We recognize that there are different parts to the Teepee Party Plan journey and that if you are a relatively new consultant you may not want to read about things like how to run team meetings, just as a new leader may not be ready to read about how to support senior leaders and so on.

How To Have A Successful Teepee Party

That’s exactly why the Party Plan Success Blogs do not try to cram everything there could ever be to learn about party plan into one place. You want to read and learn about what is relevant to you right now, not what might be relevant sometime in the future.

That’s why we offer a choice (click on a banner to visit one of the blogs, it will open in a new window so you won’t lose this page):

Helping your kids teepee party fly and focusing on the basics

Getting ready for leadership and starting your kids birthday party with a bang

Developing leaders and taking your child’s party the stars!

All are aimed at different areas of the teepee party plan journey. All are accessible by anyone, anytime, but you can choose which you want to subscribe to and have notifications turn up in your inbox when we update them. Each blog is updated once a month so even if you subscribe to all three, you won’t find your inbox completely overrun by them.

Make sure you subscribe to the blogs that tickle your fancy so you never miss out on a posting.

We are honored to be invited on your journey and look forward to getting to know you!


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